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Temi's Adire now on Jumia!

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Temi's Adire products are now listed on Jumia!

You can find our products here: Temi's Adire on Jumia

We encourage buyers who want to pay by "cash on delivery" outside Lagos to shop here instead of our online shop as we do not have that service yet.

Adire - The History Part 2

Adire eleko - paste resistIn the years after World War II when American tourists began visiting Nigeria, adire eleko makers introduced a new overall pattern they called Amerika, an overall pattern similar to the "leaves" design. Although no Yoruba could explain its meaning or origin, it bears a striking resemblance not only to airplane propellers, [...]

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Adire - The History (Part 1)

Adire (AH-dih-ray) is a Yoruba term describing resist-dyeing fabric, traditionally with indigo. This process involves keeping some areas of the cloth from absorbing dye - tying, stitching, covering areas with a dye-resistant liquid such as starch paste or wax, or clamping the cloth between carved blocks of wood - to producing a negative image [...]

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